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Join The Challenge For $25

Michelle Gines Life Coach

Presented by Michelle Gines,
Founder & CEO of Purpose Publishing, and Mentor ME MG

Let me be your Re-Imagine Strategist. I'm Michelle Gines and for the past 20 years, I've been leading and helping others build the confidence they need for living out loud. Since turning 50 last year, I've expanded my mission to take a more centered stage to present the 'Why and How To' believe and receive more. Your more may be different than the next person's more, but whatever you need to Re-Imagine for YOU. I'm hear to help you get there. You're getting the Michelle 5.0 version and she's not stopping until everyone she meets, exceeds their own expectations.

What's Included?


Your personal and signed copy of Don't Say That book

Daily Inbox message with tips and tools for driving negative thinking out.

Daily Audio Messages with the phrase we are fasting from, Switch It UP and The Think This-Speak That Exchange

Weekly Personal Pocket Strategy message to affirm you

Live Q&A with me at the end of the challenge

Access to the Re-Imagine Facebook Community where you and others build these skills and reproduce them in others.


40 DAYS!

In this course, I will teach you how to:

Feel inspired & Guided

Establish a connection to yourself and the words you choose that influence the world around you, and trust in God's Word for higher thoughts and greater outcomes.

Release the drive to think & speak negative words

Gain the confidence to trust the True Word that brings life, let go of things and phrases that produce limiting beliefs and actually bring to the negative results to you.

Think UP & Speak UP

Let your strong beliefs from God's Word be the guide for His highest good and His best for you.

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40 Day-Challenge

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