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Everybody looks at themselves and finds all sorts of reasons not to love what they see or they wait for someone else to give them permission to love themselves. Like many Christian girls, we listen intently to others’ assessment of our lives, situations and circumstances. It’s time to unlearn everything you have negatively believed about yourself – and retrain your brain to tap into what God says about you and believing that instead!

So, I ask you…How forcible are right words? It’s time to re-train your brain!

Did you know there's a place in the brain that causes us to default to wrong thinking? Yes, it is. Our natural tendency is a negative default. Science proves it. The world glamorizes it. And we perpetuate it. This negative place sounds like and accepts statements like these: It’s my fault, I did something wrong. I'm not enough and may never be. I deserve to be punished. I'm okay living with less. One of these days, I will have it. My bad! I have to tell you, in an unapologetic way, tell that default brain to SHUT UP! God is bigger. His plan is grander. And His Words are all you need. He has more than enough for you, me, him and her. It's time to say what He says more often than saying what you think.

As women indwelled by God's Holy Spirit, we recognize that the whole truth about us is fully known by the One who loves us perfectly. While the insight and counsel of even our most godly friends, mentors and loved ones can be invaluable, we ultimately must rely on the Spirit within us to convince us of living life like God says we can. This can happen when you start directing your thoughts, feelings and actions upward and out loud, every day.
Starting today, you can See Yourself to Be Yourself...sooner, secure, wiser and wealthier.

In this book of brain fuel you'll learn how to:
- Create conscious thoughts that transform your toxic mental pictures into healthy works of he-art.
- Graze upon the rewards of God's Words rather than the residual of enemy's wars
- Bring your beautiful 'inside' outside by using right words- daily
- Become more in touch with where you're going, than the places you’ve already been
- Expect to see the scriptures lift your life, literally and liberally

Your opportunity starts NOW… take the next 30 days of brain fuel, standing on the word of God in faith. Transform your mind, your modality and your mission. It's the same Word you know, activated in a Way you didn’t. Let's go!!

See Yourself to Be Yourself

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