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Do you remember hearing the old saying, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." I do. Well, whoever said it. Lied. There are trillions of words spoken everyday, both good and bad and the challenge is that none of those words can be taken back. Once they're out, they're out. So, I believe it's important that everything that comes out of your mouth are not only intentional, but meant for the better. Did you know that the thoughts you think and the words you speak, have the ability to make you and the world around you, either swell or shrink?


And not only that the people around you are impacted by your words. You are impacted by your words. So let's spend some time stewarding our thought life and getting our words right. I'm Michelle Gines, host of the forthcoming Re-ImagineYOU Lab Podcast.


2023, I'm committed to helping you and those around you gain better thoughts and speak right word for practical living with a biblical base. Will you join me? I call it, Don't Say That.


First, I'm gonna give you a statement or phrase that you can completely toss out of your vocabulary. Yep, I call it dump it. We are going to dump that phrase.


Next I'm going to give you five gracefield biblical reasons why dumping that phrase, not only does you good, but your spouse, your children, your colleagues and anyone else you come in contact with day to day. I call that let's switch it up. Yep, we're switching stuff up.


And last. I'm going to give you a replacement. Kind of like a replacement meal shake. They say if you want to get rid of something bad a bad thought a bad habit. Replace it with something good. So Boo, I've got you. We will cover that in what I call Think This and Say That! 


This is going to be a thoughtful and well spoken fast that you can do every day. And every day you do it just makes you better. Better at being committed to not only thinking higher thoughts, but speaking better words to yourself and to others. So, grab your copy and start a Don't Say That Challenge or join in with me by getting on my mailing list. We will be doing a challenge together beginning in May, register here at



Don't Say That

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