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7 Keys of a Queen: Releasing the Entrepreneurial Woman, is not just a is a motivator to every woman entrepreneur struggling with 'jumping in' or 'sitting on the fence' .


Various chapters highlight the experiences and challenges, the questioning, the success and, of course, the confidence of the first woman entrepreneur introduced to us in the Bible, the Queen of Sheba.


What are the 7 Keys of the Queen?

Wisdom is the Principal Thing

Confidence, Comrades and Confidants

Stick with the Principles & Get the Promises

Order Your Steps and Business Will Follow

Every Business Needs Praise

Make it Your Business to Give

Leave a Legacy


This book is a true portrait of success and failure, of accomplishment and anguish, challenges and triumphs, of risk and reward. Everything you will need to make a good decision to get started or move forward; either way you have all the keys you'll need! 



- Success Secrets Unveiled

- Creating Multiple Streams of Income

- Tons of Resources for Getting Started

7 Keys of a Queen: Releasing the Entrepreneurial Woman

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