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7 Keys Of A Queen Mini-Course

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We’ve talked before about how to build a business, and of course, there are many ways to do so. But this e-book is going to focus on the essence and reality aspects of building a business. We’ll talk about how you can start building your and some essentials that will help you sustain the business and keep it lasting for years to come. The Mini-Course seeks to give you insight into the characteristics of successful female entrepreneurs first introduced in the Bible, The Queen of Sheba. There is a lot written on success principles and this woman had many that we could learn from that will carry you successfully through up and down economies, navigating difficult decisions and overcoming challenges in tumultuous times. There is much to gain in careful observance of this one woman if you really look closely. Here are the 7 Keys I discovered and expound upon within the text: GET WISDOM THE 'C' FACTOR PRINCIPLE: THE HIGHEST ORDER ORDER: THE HEART OF THE BUSINESS EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS PRAISE MAKE IT YOUR BUSINESS TO GIVE LEAVE A LEGACY You'll find 7-minute audio recordings that will give you a quick perspective and the workbook will coach you through questions for a personal assessment of each characteristic. This will give you an opportunity to turn the lens on yourself and discover if there is a need to grow or if you're tracking in just the right direction already. It's important that in business you have a measuring stick that you can use for personal strengthening...........

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